Monday, January 24, 2011

Julie & Julia

Yesterday I watched Julie & Julia. This was very timely as Thom has been commenting lately that we eat out too often. So... we shall eat homemade food! Today: breakfast was cookies, coffee and Dr Pepper; lunch - Ramen noodle, cheese stick and cheesecake. Hmm.... this isn't going well. The point was to have healthy, delicious meals to make and eat as a family. I have yet to sit at the table today. In fact I am consuming my Ramen noodles standing at the bar as I write this.
But I have plans for improvement! For dinner tonight we will be having brisket and potato salad. Tomorrow night I work late, so I'll prepare a lasagna for Thom to bake. We'll also be making coconut flan for dessert, Paula Deen's recipe.
Not enough excitement, you say? Well, I'm going this afternoon to check out some books from the library.

-A mom should be a gastronomical genius!